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>* Holidays: The immigration dep. will be closed for TET celebration from 26th Jan. - 01th Feb. 2017, and again on 4th-5th Febr. Very much queue and delays. Emmergency visa (valid 14 days) is still available during Tet. Choose correct processing and make sure you apply correctly to avoid delay!

* All orders get a confirmation mail once completed. If you don't receive the mail in the next 10 minutes please make sure it isn't in your junk mail folder.

* You may add to your trusted email list to prevent this from happening in the future. Check your junk box due to users email filters.

* Notice: If ordering visa at embassy (Visa Code), then please allow 1-2 additional days for the embassy to check their internal mail/fax, after the processing at the Vietnamese Immigration Dep. has been finished and approved.

* China is again temporary restricted by the Immigration dep. and difficult to get a visa. Therefore, change in price. It is on and off since 2016. Visa code at embassy for Chinese is not available yet.

Important News: USA: Good news. From 16th December 2016, US passport holders are temporary allowed to apply all visa again:) Earlier, since 28th August 2016, all US passport holders was only allowed to apply for 1 years multi visa into Vietnam. (Diplomatic note no. 173/NG-LS).

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