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Star Vietnam Visa why us?

We are a visa agency with speciality in obtaining visa to Vietnam. We are glad to be one of the preferable sites providing you Visa on Arrival services. Your satisfaction is our commitment. Star Vietnam Visa and its network has provided thousands of visa on arrival to travelers around the world. As a non-government buisiness, we are striving to be the best visa agency. Support, price and reliabilty are our main focus area.

Recently, we have changed our strategy and focused more online. This is why we can offer lower prices and faster service. We have invested greatly in new order handling systems and a improved quality check routine to make sure all orders and private information will be handled correctly. Each and every customer are valuable to us. Therefore, we can guarantee you your visa to Vietnam or money back guarantee. We even push it further with service guarantee and processing time guarantee.

We are sure we can get you your visa almost whenever you want, as long as you are not in the black list. Even 30 min before departure, in extreme urgent cases, we will be able to provide you your Vietnamese visa. As a leading agency, we can provide you this service. For extreme urgent cases, you need to make an order online as "weekends/holidays" visa type and contact our support division at support@starvietnamvisa.com immiditely. We have a 100% success rate of getting a Vietnamese entry visa!

Star Vietnam Visa Online Services

Our team know the importance of getting a visa before travelling. We know the stress of planning and the uncertainty before traveling. Therefore, we will make sure your visa process will be as smooth as possible. As a leading company in Vietnam visa, we also offer extra services as Airport Assistant/ Pick Up Service and Super fast track service. To enter and exit the airport cannot be smoother than our Vietnam visa with Super Fast track (full VIP airport assistant).

www.starvietnamvisa.com is a non-government site. We provide supporting service for visa code and visa approval letter application in addition to travel services in Vietnam. If you wish to use another way to apply for Vietnam visa, please apply by yourself at embassy of Vietnam in your country or at the Immigration Department of Vietnam. For further information, please refer to Consular Department - Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs or read our How to apply page. You can also contact us on email for more guidance. Our team will support you the best we can.

New service - Private Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Are you concern about your private passport details will be shared on the same approval letter as 10-30 others applicants? It is normal that the Vietnamese Immigration dep. process several orders all together, in bulk. It means your passport details will be on the same Vietnam visa approval letter as others. It is very common and normal on all agencies. BUT we do understand the need of getting a separate Vietnam Visa approval letter, and the need of making sure that your application need to be handled separately and privately. Therefore, we have introduced a new service called Private Vietnam visa on arrival or separate/ individual vietnam approval letter.

As a result of continually improvement and listening to our customers, Star Vietnam Visa has been a world-leading provider of Vietnam Visa on arrival on the net. Good price and reliable Vietnamese visa services.

We welcome you as our valuable customers.

Government of Vietnam seal

The Immigration Department, Ministry of Public Security has officially from September 15, 2003 issued Regulation on visa on arrival for all foreigners to Vietnam (National Ordinance No. 24/2000/PL-UBTVQH10, article 2,4&5 ). Pre-arranged Visa on arrival to Vietnam is therefore legit and approved by the Ministry of Public Security. Instead of taking time to get visa stamped at Vietnamese Embassy, visitors to Vietnam can get entry visa stamped at one of the three Vietnam International Airports (Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang). Note: You have to pre-apply and be granted visa before departure.

We do not issue the approval letter or grant any visa. NO agencies are allowed to grant visa to Vietnam. The Visa approval letter is only issued and granted by the Vietnam Immigration Dep. As a leading agency, we can process your application direct towards the Vietnam Immigration Dep. in either Ha Noi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City. This means cheaper, safer and faster than embassies and most agencies. Our staff will follow your visa-application on every steps. This is what we do 24/7.

  • Visa on Arrival is the fastest and cheapest way to apply entry Visa into Vietnam.
  • Visa on Arrival is fast, simple and reliable.
  • The process is recommended by the government to make your entry and process as simple as possible.
  • Different travel agencies, travel publications, airlines and other governments also recommend this type of entry visa into Vietnam.

Still not sure about VIETNAM VISA ON ARRIVAL?

  • We provide fully RELIABLE, SECURE AND FAST services that exceed your expectations. TRY US
  • You don’t need to send passport, prepaid envelope, money check, waiting in queue at the embassy or hassle waiting for the response from the government.
  • Money back guarantee if you don’t get your visa. We take the cost.
  • No hidden cost, no credit fee.
  • We process your application direct at the Vietnamese Immigration Department.
  • We can deliver Visa on Arrival on the same day. Check our fees page for more details.

The Vietnam Visa step is simple

Applicants can apply online for the Vietnamese “pre-approved Visa letter” and pick up the actual visa stamp at Vietnam airport.

The process at the airport is easy and painless and just takes around 10-15 minutes.

You can read more about the application process or apply now.

Use our extra service for extra convenient and time saving when arriving in Vietnam. Read more about Pick Up/ assistant service and Fast Track service. For handling your visa private, separate from others, please read Private Visa service.

Only travelers by air, landing in one of the Vietnamese International Airport (Ha Noi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City), can apply for Visa on Arrival.

Apply Vietnam Visa on arrival.