1 Month visa

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  • E-Visa 1 month single only! Valid only for specific countries. Include stamping fee. Need more documentations. Read more on FAQs.
  • The visa approval letter will be issued by the Immigration department of Vietnam within 5 working days. Please make sure your travel date are after the processing time.

Vietnam Visa - Visa on arrival to Vietnam

Star Vietnam Visa will guide and help you through the whole visa process. We have staff inside the international airports of Vietnam in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City to support emergency cases. Get supported by our professional team. Star VIetnam Visa are experts in this field so leave the paperwork to us and we guarantee a pleasant and trouble-free journey to Vietnam.

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Requirements for a visa to Vietnam

A valid visa is required to enter Vietnam for most visitors. Certain countries have visa exemption agreements with Vietnam where you can enter Vietnam without a visa for varying time periods. Here you can check Vietnamese visa requirements for your country.

Embassies of Vietnam

All Vietnamese embassies and consulates around the world. Use our application form to order pick up of visa at the embassy of your choice.

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Frequently asked questions

Is visa on arrival legitimate

Yes, it is. It is the same as a regular visa valid and legal, but not issued by the embassy. Visa on arrival is officially issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam (Vietnamese Government) through an agency, and therefore it has the same validity as the visa you get from any Vietnamese embassy abroad. "Visa on arrival" is stated in the Immigration Laws of Vietnam Article 24, 1999, clause #6, Chapter II.

What is visa code

Vietnamese Visa Code or Vietnamese visa approval code is a document granted by the Immigration Department of Vietnam and used for picking up the visa to Vietnam at your chosen Vietnamese embassy. We will help you to apply for a visa code through the Vietnamese Immigration Office. They will fax your visa approval code to the embassy or consulate of your choice where you just bring your passport to receive the entry visa to Vietnam. Use our application form to order pick up of visa at embassy. Note: Visa stamping fee is regulated by each local embassy and with local currency.

What is visa on arrival

Vietnamese Visa on arrival or evisa is the same type of visa that you can pick up at the Visa on arrival counter when landing in one of the international airports in Vietnam. This is the quickest and cheapest way to get your Vietnamese entry visa for normal passport holder with purpose of tourist or business. You just need to fill in our online application form, pay the service fee, get your visa approval letter within the chosen processing time and pick up your visa at on of Vietnam's international airports.

What is the approval letter

The Vietnamese visa approval letter is a pre-approval Visa letter issued by the Immigration Department of Vietnam (Vietnam Ministry of Public Security), which supports foreigners to get visa to Vietnam upon arrival at of the international airports of Vietnam or visa code at a pre-chosen embassy. Only travelers landing in one of the Vietnamese international airports (Eg. Ha Noi, Da Nang, Nha Trang or Ho Chi Minh City) can apply for this Visa on arrival. If needed by land, then visa code or e-visa* if eligible nationality.

Can I enter Vietnam by land

No, the approval letter is only applicable for those traveling by air through one of the Vietnamese International Airports (Eg. Ha Noi, Da Nang, Nha Trang or Ho Chi Minh City). If traveling by land, you need to contact your nearest embassy or consulate to submit your Vietnamese visa application or order a visa code through our application form and choose the visa type "visa code". Visa code is the similar to visa on arrival, you get pre-approved, pay visa stamp (local rate/ fee) at pre-chosen embassy and get the visa stamp. Check our order confirmation email after completed your order for more details.

How to get the visa

There are several ways to submit your application for a visa to Vietnam. Traditionally you submit your passport and application through a travel agency or send or deliver directly to your nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate. To apply through the embassy please visit your nearest embassy for more information. You can also apply for a visa to Vietnam online and choose a visa on arrival or a visa code. If eligible, you can apply for e-visa*.

Why choose Star Vietnam Visa

We know there might be some uncertainty about Vietnam visa on Arrival, but we can assure you that we can obtain your pre-arranged visa to Vietnam. In the unlikely event your visa is not approved we offer a 100% money back Guarantee. No questions asked. We have so far 100% successful rate. No customers has been rejected to enter Vietnam or getting a visa through us as long as you are not in the black-list.

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  • Visa on Arrival is the fastest and cheapest way to apply entry Visa into Vietnam.
  • Visa on Arrival is fast, simple and reliable.
  • The process is strongly recommended by the government to make your entry as simple as possible.
  • Different travel agencies, travel publications, airlines and other governments also recommend this type of entry visa into Vietnam.

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